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It’s our aim to provide you an overall information of Halong Bay, a  world natural wonder  of Vietnam with up-to-date news and articles concerning Halong Bay and surrounding sights such as tours and hotels, junks and boats, island and beaches, sightseeing and scenery, as well as some travel tips that can be useful for your trip in Hanoi Bay in particular and Vietnam in general.cheo-thuyen-kayak-tren-vinh-ha-long
Halong Bay is listed as an UNESCO natural sight since 1994. Comprising by more than 1600 spectacular islands and islets jutting up from blue water of the gulf of Tonkin make this destination as a must for whole travelers traveling to Vietnam. From the beauty nature of the bay, warmly welcomes of local people and our value services so every year we arrange for thousands of travellers those come from about 120 countries around the world.

Through our site http://halong-bay-kayaking.com, visitors can get an inside look at the bay and know how to visit this Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island. The site also gives the details itineraries of private, group tours and cruises for visitors who are looking forward to exploring the bay on basic or luxury junks. A variety of activities include kayaking, trekking, swimming photographing, fishing, cycling, snorkeling, cooking and relaxing.

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