Finding Halong’s ’ Dragon Eye ’

Finding Halong’s ’ Dragon Eye ’
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Halong Bay is considered one of northern Vietnam’s most famous tourist attractions. One can leisurely cruise through the thousands of islands here, big and small, feast on the fantastic scenery or take a dip in the crystal clear cool water. Most of the islands in the bay are already well-known among local and foreign tourists.

Dragon Eye island

However, those seeking adventure always manage to find new spots in the bay and have recently discovered an island called Bái Đông (also known as Mắt Rồng or Dragon Eye Island), which is located on the southern edge of Halong Bay. The island, untouched by humans, is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Dragon Eye island Dragon Eye island

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Although we were just a group of inexperienced backpackers, we were, however, as curious and excited on hearing about a new place. Having had a great time on the Bãi Cháy beach, without any hesitation, we picked up our bags and set off to explore Mắt Rồng Island.

Dragon eye is a small island, shaped like an octopus with a big head and long tentacles that twist and turn. There is a lake, round like an eyeball, in the middle of the island that resembles an octopus head. The island is named Mắt Rồng because of its location in Halong Bay (which means Descending Dragon in Vietnamese).

How to get there?

From Cẩm Phả, we headed to the Vũng Đực harbor, asking locals who had travelled to every corner of Halong Bay, such as Bái Tử Long and Lan Hạ Bay, about Mắt Rồng, but no one had heard of this island.

Get there by cruise ship Get there by cruise ship

I then recalled the description of Mắt Rồng on the Internet and burst into laughter; although they had never heard the name, the place I was referring to was just 20km from the harbor and about an hour on a wooden boat.

After a 30 minute high-speed boat ride, we finally arrived at the crescent-shaped area. Except for a 30m sandy shore during low tide, we were surrounded by rocky mountains. This paradise island with its 300-400m natural white sand beach impressed and excited us with its pristine magnificent beauty.