Kayak paddle on Halong Bay

Kayak paddle on Halong Bay
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To feel all the grandeur of nature and explore Halong Bay off the cliff with cliffs, beautiful rapids, the best way is to go kayaking.

Kayaking has appeared in Halong Bay from the early years of the decade 90. At first, this means primarily intended for foreign tourists adventurous, but so far, there have been many domestic travelers visit Family kayak, especially young people. Explore by kayak, visitors are likely to see is a stunning Halong Bay while sitting on other cruise ships can not get that feeling.

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Wondrous beauty of nature through unique imagery and fun of thousands of limestone islands and caves with stalactites can fascinate visitors. Alone on a boat or with a companion rowers, visitors will discover the emotions never experienced while brandishing paddles on arriving at the foot of rocky mountains and feel the absolute stillness of many areas Bay wilderness.

When the kayak through the islands has not been named, will you see firsthand the beauty of the coral reefs, the tiny fish swimming around and also countless unprecedented scene in the any travel books yet. Each time the oars down, splash to the hundreds of thousands of drops of sea water sparkling beauty shone in the sunlight.

[caption id="attachment_263" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Shallow water area in Halong Bay Shallow water area in Halong Bay[/caption]

To date, most of the big boats serve tourists in Halong Bay are equipped with kayaks. There are many kinds of plastic composite kayak or molded rubber or inflatable boat with oars. The island as Luon Cave, Ba Trai Dao, Ba Ham, … is the appropriate venue kayaking.

In the lower cave, want to be in the cave, many guests have just lying on the boat just to shove into the new cave ceiling. There are shallow sections, visitors have to drag the boat pass.

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